Support and consulting

Support and consulting

I offer consulting, support and technical assistance to businesses (especially translation agencies) and freelancers, always with an eye to using open-source software:

  • End-to-end management of complex projects.
  • Choosing and implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.
  • Choosing and implementation of knowledge-sharing solutions (Wiki).
  • Writing software developments specs (SRS).
  • Usability testing.

I offer the following services in the field of language engineering:

  • File conversion (PDF↔Word↔XML).
  • Document digitalisation with advanced OCR.
  • Glossary digitalisation (from paper).
  • Parallel text alignment.
  • Creation of glossaries and multilingual terminology databases.
  • Translation database (translation memories) creation and maintenance.
  • Translation memory conversion.
  • Term extraction from monolingual and bilingual corpora.
  • Beta testing for localised software.

I also offer mentoring, coaching and orientation services for less experienced translators, or those in search of new opportunities.